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Specialists in 1/12 scale Rainwater Fittings for Doll's Houses


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N.B. Rainwater Fittings are 1/12 scale, but house for demonstration only and not to exact scale.
Is it possible that your house is missing that finishing touch of authenticity ? If you need gutters and drainpipes we can help.

Since 1994, JSM Miniatures have specialised in offering collectors the most extensive range of 1/12 scale Gutters, Drainpipes, Rainwater Heads, Spouts and associated fittings for Doll's Houses.

All the components have been designed to faithfully replicate the cast iron foundry pieces of the Victorian period. The high level of accuracy was achieved with the aid of old catalogues from William Macfarlane's Saracen Foundry in Glasgow and from Sloan & Davidson of Leeds, who until recently continued to supply fittings for listed buildings. In addition, guttering and drainpipes still actually in use were photographed and measured.

The items in our comprehensive range are moulded mainly in black ABS plastic and are ready to fit. The parts can be glued easily with most model adhesives and, where needed, fixing pins are supplied. Any cutting requires only a razor saw and although supplied in black, the parts can be painted, if so desired, with model enamel paints.

Following similar detailed research, we are planning to add a range of pre-Victorian fittings, covering the late 1600s up to the introduction of cast iron pieces i.e. the late Tudor to Georgian period.
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